I'm experiencing some odd behavior with D7's update report. When I view the update report it can only determine the status of roughly 5 or so modules/themes. The ones that it finds are random and each refresh reveals a different list of statuses that it can determine. The list reveals all enabled modules but majority of them are grey with "No release found" for the status. Drush up behaves the same, except that it only returns the random 5 or so modules that it can find a status for.

Has anyone experienced this issue? Could it be that drupal.org is not responding and the issue is with drupal.org? It's really painful because the elegance and ease of drush up is no longer relevant when you have to run it 20 or so times to update modules.

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When the update manager reports 'no release found', it typically means you installed from a git (formerly CVS) checkout. If you did do this, you'll need to run the Git deploy module to properly track module versions.

If you didn't use direct git checkouts, but rather, downloaded normal releases from Drupal.org, it may be a bug, which should be reported with as much detail about your setup as possible in the Drupal 7 issue queue.

Edit: you may also be experiencing this Drush issue.

  • Yes, it's most likely that bug. I'm seeing that too. If there are CVS or GIT checkouts, newer Drush versions recognise that and explicitly tell you to install cvs_deploy or git_deploy modules.
    – Berdir
    Apr 1, 2011 at 9:06

This seems to be an issue with Drush 4.4. Upgrading to Drush 4.5 solved this problem for me.

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