I want to add crumb/breadcrumb on each of search result item.

For example, if I search keyword "dog", the search result should return results as follow.

Dog's Life ($title)
Dog is life. Dog is love... ($snippet)
Home > Article > Dog's Life (the crumb)

Dog Dog Who's There ($title)
Who's there dog? Dog dog dog... ($snippet)
Home > Tips Trick > Dog dog Who's There (the crumb)

Usually I construct the crumb using variable $url from search_result.tpl.php via function mytemplate_preprocess_search_result(), implemented in template.php.

I create a new variable, $breadcrumb, based on variable $url and then I call it on search_result.tpl.php. Then I copy search_result.tpl.php into my theme folder.

The problem arises when it is no longer achievable to construct crumb from $url due to circumstances, mostly because of custom breadcrumb that is not related with URL.

Please guide me to achieve that goal, a different approach is welcome. Thanks.

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If you already have a function to get breadcrumb from URL and assuming breadcrumb is, when is it, customize by hook_menu_breadcrumb_alter hooks, you just have to call this hook :

// Allow modules to alter the breadcrumb, if possible, as that is much
// faster than rebuilding an entirely new active trail.
drupal_alter('menu_breadcrumb', $active_trail, $item);

If this isn't enough to fix your problem, you can also see this contribution on github which seems great regarding the default breadcrumb construction in Drupal : https://gist.github.com/arshad/5490042#file-gistfile1-php-L12

Hope that helps :)

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