I have a content type of things to be worked on. I want to be able to select which user is responsible for a certain project. Then use the Rules module to email them with other various conditions and action sets.

What is the best way to create a field in this content type that will change dynamically by the users with certain criteria?

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Using Entity Reference module it is possible .

  • A generic entity reference field
  • Four widgets:
  • Two implemented on top of the Options module (Select and Radios/Checkboxes),
  • Two autocomplete widgets (one with one text field per entry, one tag-style with comma-separated entries in the same text field)
  • Two formatters:
  • A "Label" formatter, with optional link that displays the label of the referenced entity (the node title, the user name, etc.)
  • A "Rendered entity" formatter, that renders the references entity using a configurable view mode

Add field in your content type of user entity reference then it is automatically select value of user for emails

  • That worked perfectly as far as creating a field in the content type that was generated by a Entity Reference based View! One issue I am having is not able to send the email when it gets passed in the email address from the Entity Reference field. I had this same issue when testing it by sending the email address just from a list (text) widget. Any ideas why this is not working? – KyleRiggen Nov 5 '15 at 8:45

Use of Chosen module with Entity Reference will be more better for you.

  • Ya perfect! Chosen really helps out to create an easy way of selecting! – KyleRiggen Nov 5 '15 at 9:08

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