I'm using D7, and I've created the Content Type 'Poll'. That said, I want to add a specific Poll I've created to a published Blog Entry. Is this possible? I thought about creating a poll block, but this would just publish the same poll on all of my Blog Entries? I also can't seem to add a specific Poll field to my Content Type 'Blog'...

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You need to install Entity reference module

Then in your blogs content type, add a new field

  • Name: [what ever you like] I named mine aaaa
  • Type: entity reference
  • Widget: auto complete.
  • Then on the settings page for Target Bundle select poll.

Then edit your block, and in entity reference field (aaaa), type your poll name and save changes.

In Views, create a block view of poll.

Under Advanced, RELATIONSHIPS add Entity Reference: Referecing entity NOT referenced.

enter image description here

Checkmark require this relationship.

enter image description here

Then add a CONTEXTUAL FILTER of Content: Nid

For Relationship, select your referecing

Provide default value, Content ID from URL.

enter image description here

Note: your view preview will be blank, but it will show up when you view the blog.

Lastly, in blocks, assign your view block to a region.

Now this will automatically show the poll that you reference in your blog.

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