I like to create a rule that will overwrite my body field after saving new content. This is content from the same node that has been created(field_update) and some content from referenced users form a user reference field(field_userrefer).

I have a CUSTOM TEXT field called "field_update". This is is were content is written.

My actionrule is :

  • set data value "node-body-value" to
  • [node:field-update] this works.

I have to create conditions to get the required fields I want to show in the data selection. This also works very nice because is can see all fields in my data selection auto complete box.

The problem is that when I add these conditions my body field isn't being populated by my custom values.

Any help appreciated.

When i have a set of rules without conditions.

  • Could you add a screenshot of your Rule's config screen? Or/And even better your exported rule? Apr 8, 2016 at 12:14

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I have fixed. Seems like conditions is quite the puzzle. I fetched entity by ID with actions to fix it.

conditions: Entity has field: parameter:node, Field:field_userref

actions: Fetch entity by id(id01) :. type: user, id:node:field-userref:uid Fetch entity by id(id02) :. type: profile, id:entity-id01:profile-main:pid wich made all profile2 fields available.

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