I have a content type named "film" and a form mode named "film_artistic"

in my_module.routing.yml, I have added this entry:

  path: 'node/{node}/artistic/edit'
    _entity_form: node.film_artistic
    _title: 'Edit artistic info'
    _permission: 'access content'

But when I try to reach, let say "/node/6/artistic/edit" I got a "Page not found" result

I don't know what I am missing...

My ultimate goal is to have several form mode for my film content type (ex: Artistic, Technical,...) and for each of them, I would like to create a "Local Task" sharing the same base_route: "entity.node.edit_form". For my first local task, I have to add the following in my_module.links.task.yml:

  route_name: my_module.film.artistic
  title: Edit artistic info 
  base_route: entity.node.edit_form
  weight: 20

But of course I can't test it as my main route is not working (node/{node}/artistic/edit)

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I could find a solution with an handy module: https://www.drupal.org/project/form_mode_control

After installation, you can reach any form by using :




More then this, this module allow you to set permission to access each form mode.

I am still looking for how to add those forms as local task... but the main thing is done

My objective is: if I go to node/add, or node/{node}/edit, I would like to have the default form displayed but also, all the form mode accessible as Tabs (local task)

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