I was using SMTP authentication and drupal mail module for sending HTML emails.

Suddenly emails are not going. Hence i disabled the SMTP module and directly send emails using drupal email but emails are not receiving in HTML format.

//Email hook function 

function caps_lead_mail($key,&$message,$params) { switch ($key) { case 'send_link': $message['headers'] = array_merge( $message['headers'], array( 'Content-Type' => 'text/html; charset=UTF-8; format=flowed',

    'bcc' => $params['bcc'],

break; } } //Sending html email $sender = "ce.com"; $subject ="Weekly Report of new profiles and visit log"; $message = '<h4>No new profiles and visit log </h4>'; $message .= "Note: This is auto generated Email please do not reply to this Email."; $params = array( 'body' => $message, 'subject' => $subject, 'headers'=>'simple', 'bcc' => 'ce.com', ); $to = "ce.com"; drupal_mail('caps_lead', 'send_link', $to, language_default(), $params, $sender, TRUE);'

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