Drupal.t('Select a page') is not translated into another language (mobile menu) after clearing cache and translating strings through the translation menu. What should be added or changed to get translation? Theme Growth Lite (jquery.mobilemenu.js)

var settings = {
    combine: true,  //combine multiple menus into a single
    groupPageText: 'Main',  //optgroup's aren't selectable, make an option for it
    nested: true,                   //create optgroups by default
    prependTo: 'body',              //insert at top of page by default
    switchWidth: 480,               //width at which to switch to select, and back again
    topOptionText: Drupal.t('Select a page')    //default "unselected" state

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Actually, it was not clear but there is an option in the theme itself to put change the phrase 'Select a page' and it becomes untranslatable. You have to remove it in the theme itself and change it in the file jquery.mobilemenu.js and then translate it through Drupal.

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