Drupal: 8.1.7

Module: token_filter 8.x-1.0-beta1

I have a custom block with a Text format that has Global and entity tokens are replaced with their values enabled.

The custom block has this value:

current-page:url:unaliased :          [current-page:url:unaliased]<br>
current-page:url:unaliased:absolute : [current-page:url:unaliased:absolute]<br>
current-page:url:unaliased:args :     [current-page:url:unaliased:args]<br>
current-page:url:unaliased:brief :    [current-page:url:unaliased:brief]<br>
current-page:url:unaliased:path :     [current-page:url:unaliased:path]<br>
current-page:url:unaliased:relative : [current-page:url:unaliased:relative]<br>

that will render as:

current-page:url:unaliased : http://www.example.com/node/1657
current-page:url:unaliased:absolute : http://www.example.com/node/1657
current-page:url:unaliased:args : , node, 1657
current-page:url:unaliased:brief : www.example.com/node/1657
current-page:url:unaliased:path : /node/1657
current-page:url:unaliased:relative : /node/1657

I am attempting to get the Content Id (e.g. [node:nid]) from the page, but that token is not available.

Workaround using Inline Javascript:

Node Id:

<script type="text/javascript">
<!-- language: lang-js -->

which will render as:

Node Id: 1657

I tried the following:

current-page:url:unaliased:args:node : [current-page:url:unaliased:args:node]
current-page:url:unaliased:args:0 : [current-page:url:unaliased:args:1]
current-page:url:unaliased:args:1 : [current-page:url:unaliased:args:1]
current-page:url:unaliased:value:node : [current-page:url:unaliased:value:0]
current-page:url:unaliased:value:0 : [current-page:url:unaliased:value:0]
current-page:url:unaliased:value:1 : [current-page:url:unaliased:value:1]

Without modifying the module how would I get [node:nid] from within a Custom block?



gives you the [node:nid] even when called from a block.

As per:


..."[current-page:url:unaliased:args:value:0] (The first value, of the array of arguments, of the unaliased URL of the current page)."

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