I'm using Views Data Export to generate CSV files for end-users to use and then re-upload using Feeds. I need Vietnamese characters like â ỏ ể to be converted to a o e before export as these are in users' names.

I tried utf8_decode in Views Data Export settings but it doesn't work for all characters and even then, changing Feeds to use ISO-8859-1 still results in a "This isn't a UTF-8 file" error.

It seems that changing a setting in Excel can fix this but that isn't an option for me for usability reasons. I'm not the one who will be using these CSV files so I need these names to be exported properly.

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Setting "Character encoding conversion" in the data export view's CSV file settings to:


should accomplish what you're attempting. That will convert the names to the ISO-8859-1 character set, with transliteration of characters not included in the set to something that appears similar.

  • Thanks, this is a big improvement. However, there are still a few characters that come out messy.. Looking around the net, it seems that Vietnamese has too many characters for ISO-8859-1 or something like that. But it's close enough so thanks! Aug 14, 2016 at 8:14

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