I have many PDF documents in my site, assigned to the Document File Type by the File Entity Module.

I have added a few fields to the content type, thus allowing nice interface in showing all PDF files on the site, with nice filtering.

Now I want to include Zip archives in this interface. (Zip archives are not by default added to any Document type). I have updated the Document type definition to include the mime type application/zip on this page: /admin/structure/file-types/manage/document/edit

Is there any way I can automatically update the existing zip archive files so they are assigned to the Document File Type? As mentioned, there are quite a lot of them and I'd prefer not to have to upload them all again.

  • admin/structure/file-types? Thats not Drupal core, right? You must be using a module for this - would be useful to know what module it is. It's also unclear what you want - is there some sort of admin page with an overview of all files, and you want the zip files to show up there?
    – Jeff Burnz
    Aug 17 '16 at 16:05
  • Jeff, you are correct, I didn't realise this isn't part of core (I didn't build the site originally and it's big and complex). The relevant module is File Entity drupal.org/project/file_entity
    – James
    Aug 17 '16 at 16:14
  • With regards to what I want, I want zip archives to be defined as the Documents File Type.
    – James
    Aug 17 '16 at 16:16

If I understand correct and it is only an interface / layout issue, I suggest creating a view of that file with views and then put it in a block under the node and filter the block with content type and/or node conditions (or to put the block inside a paragraph layout piece).

If you mean you want the zip files to be in the also considered by Drupal as a Document file type so it would appear together with the PDF than what I suggest is to see how the module you use categorizes PDF files and then initiate this same code-level categorization to the PDF, for example, by adding the file extension PDF to the list of allowed extensions if there is one.

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