In a first try to setup a multi-site configuration, I run into the following problem : anything done with a site (pictures, styles...) is added to sites/default/files/ directory, and an image added to a content points to sites/default/files/styles/some_style/.../image.jpg.

Is it the expected behaviour ? I thought any file would stay in sites/site1/files...

This is my sites/sites.php :

$sites = array(
  '8083.arbre.dd' => 'arbre.dd', //local devdesktop site
  '8083.site2.dd' => 'site2.dd', //future one

I have folders sites/all, sites/default, sites/arbre.dd, sites/site2.dd. I added a files directory and a settings.php file to the future site folder. I notice that the arbre.dd folder added by Devdesktop at initial setting, has a shortcut icon ???

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Verify your configuration at admin/config/media/file-system on the multisites. "Public file system path" may be configured to sites/default/files.


In addition, to @Cilefen answer, I'll share here my modest experience : in order to get a multi-site configuration :

  • I added a first site with the desired profile, which I won't touch nor publish. Just default profile, always up to date after performing security updates of the multi-site configuration
  • I added then another site with the same sql dump, which is the first real client site
  • Whenever I wish to add a new site, I'll just have to dump default profile DB as a start point, in a new sites folder, and setup "Public file system path" as sites/newSite/files

Files, themes or whatever specific to each site is now correctly saved in its directory.

Please comment that answer if I could do a better way

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