I have two separate fully developed Drupal 7 sites, which I now want to make as Multi-site.

enter image description here

I did it like in the above pic, and it worked, except all the images on both sites are broken.

Upon inspecting element, the paths are still trying to read from /sites/default/files folder instead of /sites/site1.com/files and /sites/site2.com/files respectively.

How can I fix the paths so it reads from /sites/site1.com/files and /sites/site2.com/files?


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You may be aware of this. Change file path for individual sites at Configuration/Media/File system. By default it is set to sites/default/files. So your both sites are addressing same path.

enter image description here

So just change the path there accordingly for both sites.

  • Looks like @NoSssweat is too much involved with D8, which results in forgetting how D7 works, no? Dec 24, 2016 at 18:00

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