I want to delete selected folder along with all files inside that folder. I tried by using file_unmanaged_delete_recursive() It will delete folders and files but it is not removing database entry of files and not even it is making the Status of the file to Zero. So how can I achieve this?

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file_unmanaged_delete_recursive(), as the name implies, removes any files under a directory without concern to managed files (i.e. files tracked in the database).

In order to remove files from the database, you can make use of the file_delete() function in the File API. This function needs the file ID supplied as an argument, so you'll need to perform a query on the database to retrieve it. For example:

$files = file_scan_directory('sites/default/files/my_custom_dir', '/.*/', array('recurse' => TRUE));
foreach($files as $file) { 
  $scanned_file_uri = file_build_uri($file->uri); 
  // @TODO: query file_managed.uri for match with $scanned_file_uri
  // then delete with file_delete();

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