I have a Content type Board. All authenticated users can add boards. when i displaying the Board's Nodes i am also showing the author name. All going good. But when a user delete his account i set his status as blocked. If a user has been blocked then i want to show Anonymous author on board's node created by that blocked user. I searched here and there but could not find solution. Any Help please Thanks in Advance.

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You may use

function theme_username($variables)


$username = $variables['name'];

Check if user blocked

$variables['name'] = 'anonymous';
  • I could not solve by this. but it helped me a lot to fix my problem. thanks
    – Iqbal
    Oct 20, 2016 at 14:52

And finally, i solved it by following code:

    <?php $author= user_load($uid); ?>
<?php if ($display_submitted): ?>
<span class="submitted">

<!-- For blocked user set the user name as Anonymous -->
  <?php if(user_is_blocked($author->name)): ?>

    <span> <a href="#" title="" class="username" ><?php print t('Anonymous'); ?></a></span>

  <?php else: ?>

    <?php print($user_picture); ?>
    <?php print($submitted);?>

  <?php endif;?>
<?php endif; ?>


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