I currently have a form that it is fully loaded from my Mailchimp Account. I configured it for display as a page using mailchimp configuration page (admin/config/services/mailchimp/signup). Then when I was trying to access it with no admin permissions I got Not authorized to access this page message.

Giving Access all Mailchimp Signup Pages permission to anonymous users fix this problem but it specify that have security implications and I think it is a wrong solution.

I searched all the drupal interface and was not able to find it on either side (Content, contact forms, etc...). This element it's only present on signup forms list (admin/config/services/mailchimp/signup) and there isn't any permissions configuration.


Recently found a FAQ from Drupal Mailchimp módule here It says:

Q: How do I create anonymous signup forms on the site as either a page or a block?

A: Head to this path admin/config/services/mailchimp/signup/add, fill out the form and click on “Block”, “Page”, or both Display Modes.

Block - ...

Page - enter a path for which you’d like the signup form to appear, and click “Save”. In order to make SignUp pages available to anonymous users, head over to where permissions are assigned (admin/people/permissions), and check the appropriate boxes next to the permission marked “Access all Mailchimp Signup Pages.”

So this means that I should ignore that warning.

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