I've been using a combination of drupal_mail() and Mimemail to send out HTML formatted email; it's working fine. However, in some circumstances, I also need to be able to send out plaintext email, not an empty HTML template, but a completely raw, plaintext message.

I can't figure out how to disable Mimemail for these messages, while leaving Mimemail in place for the others.

How might I be able to do this?

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I've spent some time trying to achieve the same goal. I didn't find a lot of documentation on MimeMail module, I inspected the code and found a solution :

  $message = drupal_mail('my_module', 'my_module_key', 'email@mail.com', $language,
    $params = array(
      'subject' => $subject,
      'plain' => TRUE,
      'plaintext' => $mailBody,

You just need to use 'plain' => TRUE and put your mail content in 'plaintext' => $mailBody


Figured it out, I think:

(1) For some module, create a mail template to handle the plaintext requests, the details of which depend on how you're putting together your messages. For me, this works:

function mymodule_mail($key, &$message, $params) {
     switch ($key) {
          case 'plaintext':
               $message['subject'] = $params['message_header'];
               $message['body'] = $params['message_body'];

(2) Use mailsystem_set to set up an entry in the mail_system variable that points to the combined module and the key -- mymodule_plaintext in this case -- and that specifies the mail system DefaultMailSystem:

  module_load_include('module', 'mailsystem');
      'vr_random_plaintext' => 'DefaultMailSystem',

(See mimemail.module for tips on doing this; since it only needs to be run once, they recommend doing it in a hook_enable handler.)

(3) You should then be able to send plaintext messages by calling drupal_mail() and specifying mymodule and plaintext as the module and mail_template for the message.

This is working for me, although I may have glossed over a thing or two. If there are questions, post away...

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