I have a csv feeds importer I'm trying to build where I would like the last 2 digits of a code to be mapped to the task code field, but the full 4 or 5 digit number be mapped to the GUID.

From the interface I can only see a way to run the tamper on the source field for all destinations.screenshot of interface Is there some way I can tamp in different ways for different destination fields? (or tamp for one destination, and use the raw value for another)


First thing this morning, I realized what Map to multiple fields using 'Blank source' in the documentation means. I was able to have Task Code as my source for GUID, then Blank Source 1 as my source for Task Code.

In the tamper for Blank Source 1 I use Copy Source Value before doing my other transform:

The Tamper List

Copy Source Value Settings


Aram Boyajyan wrote a nice article on how to create a custom tamper plugin.

function YOUR_MODULE_tamper_language_callback($result, $item_key, $element_key, &$field, $settings, $source) {

perhaps one of these callback params holds the destination? something for you investigate.

If yes, then you would just do an if statement.

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    @UltraBob cool, it has been a while since I've used feeds. First thing this morning, I realized that happens to me too, sometimes sleep fixes everything. – No Sssweat May 9 '17 at 0:51

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