I've creating an intranet module for Drupal 8 and I want to use a custom theme for it, like an admin theme(with page/node/field templates) where I can map region like menu, header, footer... but only for my module.

I didn't find any specific doc about this.

Thanks for your help!


Another option would require creating a theme (in addition to your module). Then have your module indicate it uses that theme. Here is a nice article on how to do this https://speedandfunction.com/switching-themes-programmatically-drupal-8/

In this scenario, you would have your main theme and the theme used by your module. You could indicate that the theme used by your module was a sub-theme (https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/theming-drupal-8/creating-a-drupal-8-sub-theme-or-sub-theme-of-sub-theme) of your main theme which could reduce some theme coding management.

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  • I found an article like yours for my needs here : annakalata.com/blog/… I just replace the active menu by my route name. I think I explain it much better. – Leeroy May 23 '17 at 14:22

You cannot specify region on your module, but you can custom your page or your block.

Regions are specify into main theme.

First, you need to create a folder on your module root directory :


Inside, you ll put all your custom template.

For example :



Then you need to declare all your templates :

In myModule.module :

 * Implements hook_theme().
function myModule_theme() {
  return [
    'page1' => [
      'template' => 'test',
      'render element' => 'children',

      'page2' => [
          'template' => 'page2',       
          'render element' => 'form',

And after, in your controller or your form :

return $build +  [
  '#test'=>"its content for my variable inside my template",
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  • Yeah thanks, but that's what I do for now and I don't like this way, that make no sense to include every part of the module ( header, footer, menu, aside) on every page it should be the opposite. I hope someone could find a solution. – Leeroy May 22 '17 at 14:31

If u want custom theme for module u just need to use template suggestions, output content from php and then render it in twig files.

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