Let's assume I have a footer with this div for which I have created a custom block named as custom_footer:

{% if page.custom_footer %}
<div class='footer' style='background-image:url('/images/bg.jpg')">

{% endif %}

Now, I would like to put links inside the footer that are created using Home > Administration > Structure > Menus > Add menu in other words I don't want to insert hard-coded menus like <a href='/services'>services</a> inside the footer div.

So, is there anyway to echo all the custom links for page created inside my footer?

  • This can be implemented with blocks. – developer Jun 30 '17 at 4:14

This can be implemented using blocks.

  • First create the required menus from Home > Administration > Structure > Menus > Add menu
  • Place the new menu as a block under footer section in Home > Administration > Structure > Block layout
  • Save blocks

Find the reference images:

  • Add user account menu to footer block (You can also include your custom menus),

add menu to footer block

  • Image listng user account menu on footer

menu link on footer

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  • This does not work. I have created a menu called sitemap gave it it's own url /sitemap now in Home > Administration > Structure > Block layout Inside my footer block I can't add that menu – hidar Jun 30 '17 at 6:32

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