I am using the Bootstrap theme, I created a subtheme and duplicated page.tpl.php into my subtheme: /subtheme/templates/system/page.tpl.php

I then duplicated page.tpl.php and renamed to node--[mytype].tpl.php. The template is registering but it is filled with "undefined variable" errors. The errors don't happen /subtheme/templates/system/page.tpl.php but happen when I add node--[mytype].tpl.php despite having the same code.

I've tried putting in node--[mytype].tpl.php in different directories including subtheme root and /templates/ but errors persists.


Duplicating node.tpl.php (instead of page.tpl.php) and putting it in /subtheme/templates/node/node--[type].tpl.php fixed my undefined variable error.

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