I need to change the presentation of a Term reference field. Drupal 7 has 3 widget types:

  • Select list
  • Check boxes/Radio buttons
  • Autocomplete term widget

I need to display check boxes to select 1 or many terms when adding a node, but I also need to display a textfield to allow adding new term.

The autocomplete term widget allows to choose existing terms and add new ones, which is the functionality I need, but what I exactly need is a list of checkboxes with the existing terms and the textfield below that allows adding a new term.

I've searched modules, but I can't find one that allows me to do this. Is there a module that performs this? If not, how do I do this in code? Is there any way to customize the widgets to create that functionality? Thanks.

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It has been adapted from Select or other to support taxonomy term references.

It is a non-contrib module and you may need to tweak it to your taste, especially as it adds Other: to the term you have added. I just tried it out and that part needs to be fixed, but it shouldn't be difficult.

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