I have some pages which are created by page callback functions. I'm using the metatag module. I'm on D7

I need to control the metatags output (specifically the description/og:description).

This documentation looks like it would have been useful, but is empty: https://www.drupal.org/docs/7/modules/metatag/howto-assign-meta-tags-to-specific-non-entity-pages-d7


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    Did you try Context + Metatag:Context? Metatag:Context allows assigning metatags using various context definitions including paths. – Kirill Shabunov Oct 3 '17 at 15:18

There's a hook for that.

function HOOK_outsourcing_metatag_metatags_view_alter(&$output, $instance, $options) {
    if (current_path() == 'matches/my/path') {

      $output['og:description']['#attached']['drupal_add_html_head'][0][0]['#value'] = 
        'My special value';

metatags has its own submodule for this, just enable 'Metatag: Context (metatag_context)'

then it appears in 'Add reaction' as 'Metadata'

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