Is it possible to use a token to reference the alias of a taxonomy term in the pattern of an automatic alias for a node type where that term has been selected, in Drupal 8? (Let's assume a single taxonomy term is selected.)

For example: If one has a taxonomy of Names where the values are James, Margaret, Daniel and each name has a path assigned to it (/news/jim, /news/peggy, /news/dan) is it possible to construct an automatic path for "News" node types where the pattern is something like [taxonomy:Names:path]/[node:title] so that if one selects "Margaret" from the Names list and gives the node a title of "Summer Vacation 2017," it will result in the automatic node path of /news/peggy/summer-vacation-2017?

All the references to path aliases based on taxonomy that I have found use the entity value of the term, which I don't want. I don't want /news/margaret/summer-vacation-2017 as the result of the above example.

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Using pathauto, it should be quiet easy with a pattern like :

Normal way :


With hierarchy :


In your case, this should work


You could implement hook_pathauto_alias_alter:

 * Implements hook_pathauto_alias_alter().
 function MYMODULE_pathauto_alias_alter(&$alias, array &$context) {

  if ($context['module'] != 'node') {

  $node = $context['data']['node'];

  // here you can write your logic to get the taxonomy term url alias
  // something like:
  //read out the taxonomy term field of your node
  // get the term $term
  // get the URL Alias of it
  $options =
      'absolute' => false,
    $termUrl = \Drupal\Core\Url::fromRoute('entity.taxonomy_term.canonical', ['taxonomy_term' => $term->id()], $options);

    if ($termUrl && strpos($termUrl,'/taxonomy/term/' === false)) {
      $aliasPath = str_replace('/' . $languageId . '/', '/',$termUrl->toString());
    $alias = $aliasPath . $alias;


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