I have below code to share on LINE messenger

<div class="line-it-button" data-lang="en" data-type="share-b" data-url="{{ current_path }}" style="display: none;"></div>
<script src="https://d.line-scdn.net/r/web/social-plugin/js/thirdparty/loader.min.js" async="async" defer="defer"></script>

How to include JS using attach_library?

{{ attach_library('https://d.line-scdn.net/r/web/social-plugin/js/thirdparty/loader.min.js') }}

How to attach async="async" defer="defer" ?

Tried using

{{ attach_library('https://d.line-scdn.net/r/web/social-plugin/js/thirdparty/loader.min.js', { 'async' : 'async', 'defer' : 'defer'}) }}

But not working :(

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In your theme.libraries.yml file add below lines

    'https://d.line-scdn.net/r/web/social-plugin/js/thirdparty/loader.min.js' : { external: true, defer: true, async: true }

In your twig file

{{ attach_library('theme.social') }}

Clear cache & it works :)


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