I am using Default Content for D8 to import content on my site.

After Profile installation completed, I enabled my custom default content module with contents sample json for node entity [my_module/content/[entity_type]/anything.json].

I get the following error:

Symfony\Component\Serializer\Exception\UnexpectedValueException: Type /drupal-pro-8/rest/type/node/article does not correspond to an entity on this site. in Drupal\hal\Normalizer\ContentEntityNormalizer->getTypedDataIds() (line 239 of \drupal-pro-8\core\modules\hal\src\Normalizer\ContentEntityNormalizer.php).

And the node isn't imported...

What have I done to try to fix it:

. Ensure I have the article content type;

. Flushed all cache;

. Tested in different browsers;

. In the module page it says all tests were passed with the following conditions: PHP 5.5 & MySQL 5.5, D8.5 6. I started to use the same version of PHP, MySQL and D8.

After all this, the same problem keeps on appearing and I can't understand why this happens. May I missed something. Any help.

Thanks in advance.

  • I know how import data from .csv into drupal 8. Does that help you? – Tiago Martins Peres Feb 6 '18 at 14:11
  • did you flush all caches? – Tiago Martins Peres Feb 6 '18 at 15:25
  • @brotherperes - No, I need to use Default Content for D8 module. Yes, I cleared but it is not working. – latikas Feb 7 '18 at 7:22
  • What's your php, mysql and drupal versions? – Tiago Martins Peres Feb 7 '18 at 7:53
  • @brotherperes - PHP version: 7.1.9, Mysql - 4.7.5, drupal 8.3 – latikas Feb 8 '18 at 8:15

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