I created a view listing webform fields New View » Webform Submissions » Unformatted list of Rendered submissions

It gives me all the submitted data of all the webforms of the website.

I'm looking for a way to have under each webform its results.

So when i visit : website.com/webform/id678
under the form, i would like to have a block showing the previously submitted data i'll be using a pager to only display the 5 latest submissions and be able to browse through submissions if i want to.

This is possible with the contextual filter of Views but i can't seem to figure out how to configure it correctly


I'm using Drupal 7.56 and webform 4.16

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1. create a views block display of your view

configure the view as you wish but you have to add contextual filter by content:nid as shown below with setting: raw value from URL, path compoment 2

enter image description here

We have to specify validation criteria content: webform as shown below

enter image description here

2. add the views block in a block region

Now if you visit a webform will show under it the relevant submissions

  • Wonderful! Exactly what i needed. Drupal is amazing and the community is even better. Thanks
    – NSTK
    Commented Feb 23, 2018 at 3:13

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