I am trying to create a module that executes a search -- I tried to utilize the documentation for calling a search in code but

$index = \Drupal\search_api\Entity\Index::load('INDEX_ID');

gives me $index == NULL so the very second line

$query = $index->query();

blows it up. I tried replacing 'INDEX_ID' with 'default_index' but that didn't help. Search API is definitely enabled. Any idea why \Drupal\search_api\Entity\Index::load would keep giving me NULL?

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That is because you need to create an index first.

Go to


and create your index then replace the INDEX_ID in your code with the id you have set for the new index.

You might have to create a server too if you don't have any configured. I have used the default DB Search API. Enable Database Search.


Then create the server where you created the index:


Then configure the index to use the server and enable the index.

Don't forget to process the indexing for your new index. :)

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