I am using the Geofield Map module which depends on the geofield and I want to save lng and lat pragmatically in the geofield via my controller. I have tried the methods below and they didn't work:

$WayPointEntity->field_geo_field->setValue("POINT(" .$waypoint['lng']." " .$waypoint['lat'].")");

I also tried:

$WayPointEntity->field_geo_field = array(
                  'input_format' => GEOFIELD_INPUT_LAT_LON,
                  'geom' => array('lat' => $waypoint['lat'], 'lon' => $waypoint['lng']),

  • Any error message ? I just wrote this answer on stackoverflow, it should help !
    – user26231
    May 1, 2018 at 20:48

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Try this :

$point = [
  'lat' => $lat,
  'lon' => $lon,
$value = \Drupal::service('geofield.wkt_generator')->WktBuildPoint($point);

The reason why your first attempt failed is because you forgot to add the array square brackets to your setValue:

$WayPointEntity->field_geo_field->setValue(["POINT (" .$waypoint['lng']." " .$waypoint['lat'].")"]);
  • nice and simple.no need for the wkt bs
    – giorgio79
    Jan 8 at 15:47

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