I am using Drupal 7 with Drupal Commerce (not Kickstart). I am having difficulties editing the order confirmation email. I am hoping to basically "duplicate" the Order review page from the Checkout process to be included in the email (order items, prices, total and billing info).

The module I installed is Commerce message and I just had no luck trying to edit the order confirmation email. I do have the Tokens module installed and enabled.

I tried to edit the email under Structure -> Message Types, however, the replacement tokens available (for example: [message:message-commerce-line-item]), don't seem to output anything in the email. Actually, the token itself is included in the email, like so:


I have tried several other tokens with the same result. I tried to select Filtered HTML and Full HTML.

Reading through the Drupal Answers I also tried to use !order-summary token, which seems to work, however the email is "unstyled" and includes HTML tags, like so:

<tr class="odd views-row-first views-row-last">
  <td class="views-field views-field-line-item-title" >
     testing credit card payment
  <td class="views-field views-field-commerce-unit-price price" >
  <td class="views-field views-field-quantity" >
  <td class="views-field views-field-commerce-total views-align-right price" >

What puzzles me the most is seeing answers like this or this, stating that

You want the Commerce Message module and it's dependencies. It includes customer emails with a full order details, including customer profiles and all the products purchased

Any ideas on the issue? I failed to find any Commerce message tutorial or the way tokens should be used with it in Drupal Commerce. I'd be happy to go through one if it exists, I would be willing to even write one for future users who might have the same problems once I figure this out.



I the end, I had to install the Mime Mail module. My site uses gmail for the site's email, so I had to use Mime Mail together with SMTP module.

The emails render html tags and tokens as needed.

For someone who might experience the similar issue, here is how I configured the Mime Mail witih SMTP:

In admin/config/system/mailsystem scroll down to the "New Class" fieldset. Create a new class using MimeMailSystem for format() and SmtpMailSystem for mail(). Use that newly created class for the "Site-wide default MailSystemInterface class.

I'm still not completely satisfied with this solution as I was hoping to make Commerce Message to work. If someone ever gets to respond to this I would be thankful for the answer.

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