I have successfully created a custom migration class which works perfectly but my issue is with the drush migrate-status output.

When I execute drush migrate-status all the XML files I am attempting to migrate from ( I have over a hundred of them each with the same XML structure ) are all compacted into a single migration of 10,000. What I need is for each of my xml files to be listed individually.

I know I can achieve the individual listing by giving each of my XML file a unique migration class but that is inefficient because the code will be exactly the same in all the classes except for the class names.

Can anyone suggest a solution to help achieve my objective?

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It sounds like you're trying to force a tool to do something it's not supposed to do. The migration tools drush migrate-status command only provides a high-level overview of the migration batch work associated with a migration (current state, migration source entities found, number of entities, migrated, etc.)

There is drush migrate-messages if you're wanting to inspect individual migrations that may have failed. But if you're wanting a super-granular, per-entity, view of each migration item then you're probably looking at building your own tool or debugging a migration as it's being processed.

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