I have created a custom content type called building which I have added a entity reference field called category which is the vocabulary and added building type terms. I created a view called buildings and added an exposed filter that is listing the building types. I get the listing of the categories by exposing the filter Has Taxonomy Term and then using BEF to list the categories as links rather than a dropdown or autocomplete. Whenever I click each category link for the exposed filter I get the url www.example.com/building?category=1 is there a way to make it use the term name rather than the term id. Also further, is there a way to have it make the url a little cleaner like www.example.com/building/category/buldingtype

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You need to set your Exposed filter Selection type settings to Autocomplete instead of "Dropdown" you will get term names instead of TIDs.

Read more in part of this answer: How to use URL query parameter on a View Exposed Filter?

There is another way to do it: introduce the term information into the view through a Relationship so you can use the term Name. Read the steps in this answer: Get taxonomy name instead of id

That answer also mentions how you can "prettify" the URL: use the Query Parameters To URL module, it's being ported to D8.

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