My nodes have a geofield and my search query should find all the nodes within a range.

I've managed to create a search form against my Solr Server with views. But I want to do the request by myself (having my own form and submit method). There's a solution for D7 here: How to send a custom Solr Query using Search API Solr but none of that seems to be usable with the D8 modules.

I believe there must be something like

$result = SolrSearchService('myServer', 'myIndex')->request(['title' => 'Test']);

But I can not find anything.

The views-built search page renders a query against my Solr Server like

path=/select params={q=(phonm_rendered_item:nintendo^1+tm_title:nintendo^8)&json.nl=flat&pt=48.1371079,11.5753822&d=50&omitHeader=true&fl=ss_search_api_id,ss_search_api_language,score,fts_field_geo_koordinaten__distance:geodist()&start=0&fq=%2Bindex_id:default_solr_index+%2Bhash:ozztjn&fq={!geofilt}&rows=10&sfield=locs_field_geo_koordinaten&wt=json} 

Apparently there are some parameters responsible for the distance calculation:

  • pt=48.1371079,11.5753822 - it's where I am
  • d=50 - it's the max distance
  • field_geo_koordinaten - it's the geofield in the node
  • geodist() - the function ?

How can I render such a query with Search API?


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Debugging around I found the solution:

$index = Index::load('default_solr_index');
/* @var \Drupal\search_api\Query\Query $query */
$query = $index->query();
$location_options = (array) $query->getOption('search_api_location', []);

$location_options[] = [
      'field' => "field_geo_koordinaten",
      'lat' => 48.1371079,
      'lon' => 11.5753822,
      'radius' => 50,

$query->setOption('search_api_location', $location_options);
$results = $query->execute();

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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