Is there a way with the Form API to specify that one or more #options in a 'select' element should be disabled? I would like to insert a separator in my dropdown options that is not a selectable value.

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If it's really a separator you're looking to add then it might make more semantic sense to use <optgroup>s to group your select options.

You can do this with the form API simply by wrapping each group you want in the <select> in an array, keyed by the title you want for the label:

$form['test'] = array(
  '#type' => 'select',
  '#title' => 'test',
  '#weight' => -10000,
  '#options' => array(
    'Group 1' => array(
      1 => 'Group 1 Item 1'
    'Group 2' => array(
      2 => 'Group 2 Item 1',
      3 => 'Group 2 Item 2'

That will produce a select list like this:

Select List


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