I need to set a contextual filter programmatically and almost every view I have will have this filter. However, some wont and will have other contextual filters instead.

I have tried following the examples in here but this will just set the first argument to be my filter value regardless of what field is it for.

In views_pre_build I get the keyed arguments list under $view->argument and can do ->setArgument() but this doesn't change the set of results.

Is there an easier way of setting a specific contextual filter?

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Contextual filters use query string params. You could hard code these into the URL. If using a Url object, you can pass a third argument ['query' => ['param1 => 'param1_value',...]]. Try setting a filter and seeing what the URL param name & value is after doing so.

In hook_views_pre_build(), you can also set the filter value directly:

$view->filter['filter_name']->value = 'filter_value';

It's helpful to have Xdebug so you can see the names of existing filters. If you don't have xdebug, try finding the correct filter name in the ->filter property, then find the desired filter value, and put 2 and 2 together.


If you have the $view object, you can pass contextual filter params using the setArguments() method. Here is an example I'm using to pass four nids to the view to filter the results contextually:

function your_module_views_pre_build(ViewExecutable $view) {
  if ($view->id() == 'viewname' && $view->getDisplay()->display['id'] == 'machinenameOfDisplay') {
      dump( $view->args ); //you will get all the argument
      $view->args[1] = 'your value' //set specific argument

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