I have used feeds to import some nodes with taxonomy term reference.

The source XML is the following one.

    <title>Test 1</title>
    <body>Test body 1</body>

First import is OK. I edited <term>My_term_bar</term>, and started importing a second feed. After the second time, the node has both "My_term_foo" and "My_term_bar," but I need only "My_term_bar" from the second import.

Is there any hook_feeds_node_item_presave() I can use to alter the values being imported?


My final code of hook_nodeapi inpired by sel_space:

switch ($op) {
      case 'presave':
        if ($old_node = node_load($node->nid)) {
          $taxonomy = array_diff_assoc((array) $node->taxonomy, (array) $old_node->taxonomy);
          if (!empty($taxonomy)) {
            $node->taxonomy = $taxonomy;

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If data needs to be modified before it is saved use this module : Feeds tamper

For advanced modification use hook_nodeapi in drupal 6 with the insert parameter , with hook_nodeapi load the old node like this :

$old_node = node_load(node->nid);
$node->taxonomy = array_diff($old_node->taxonomy,$node->taxonomy)

So now you are sure that the $node contain only the new value , Hope this will help

  • Thanks for answer. I know feeds tamper, but it only change source. And if I try use hook_nodeapi then in node->taxonomy are both terms My_term_foo and My_term_bar and I dont know which is from second import.
    – kubedan
    Apr 15, 2012 at 18:29

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