I'm trying to migrate custom content types with attached fields from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. Using drush migrate commands I can successfully migrate all content types, but I have problem with fields.

First I run upgrade_d7_field migration, than upgrade_d7_field_instance and last migration is upgrade_d7_node_MY_CONTENT_TYPE_NAME_content.

If I go to Structure -> Content types and then open my custom content type (by pressing Manage fields) I can see all fields attached to it - everything is ok. If I choose Content from main menu and try to create new content for my content type I only see Title field, no more fields are displayed. Same are with migrated content - if I 'm trying to edit it, I see only title.

What I'm missing ? I have migrated data in Drupal 8 fields table - node_field_MY_FIELD_NAME. I am logged in as admin user, so I should have all permissions to view this fields.

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It sounds like the fields might be disabled on the entity form.

Goto Structure -> YOUR CONTENT TYPE -> Manage form display

Then move the fields you are expecting to see in the form from Disabled (bottom) to Content. You can also control the display order from there.


I had the same problem on a Drupal 8.9 site today. I went to Administration > Configuration > Content Authoring > Text formats and editors and clicked on Configure next to 'Full HTML.' That page showed an error that a null filter type would be deleted after I saved the current filter, so I clicked "Save" without making any other changes. The error was gone, and now my content is being displayed as expected.

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