After certain fields have been set on the edit node form and saved, I don't want the node author to change these anymore and therefore I have created a new variant with a response code "301 permanent redirect" in Page Manager.

My redirect destination is set to %node:url?destination=no-edit-permission And it does redirect the author to the intended node view (node_view in Page Manager).
But the reason I set this url destination is to be able to inform the user by showing a message at the top of that redirected page that says "You cannot edit this page any longer".
So how do I set such a message based on the destination in the URL?

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It appears that there is a visibility rule that you can set on a particular content using the String: URL path.

Step 1:

take only the destination parameter: e.g. *?destination=no-edit-permission where the (*) asterisk is the wild card and represents whatever comes in front of that string.

Step 2:

In the Configure visibility rule for New custom content

set the option to:

Allow access on the following pages

and tick the box:

Reverse (NOT)

That should hide that content block based on the destination parameter. Yay!

a snapshot of the visibility rule a snapshot of the String: URL Path settings

  • Oops! This doesn't work.
    – BassPlaya
    Commented Feb 20, 2020 at 23:57

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