I am building a site that uses Drupal Commerce 2 and I am attempting to build out the product details template. Our product has a variation (field_accessories) which is an entity reference to another product and I am trying to access the title, the images (first one actually), and the link to the product's detail page.

I got the title showing with

{{ product['field_accessories'][0]['#commerce_product_variation'].getTitle() }}

and I can get the sku and price with:

{{ product['field_accessories'][0]['#commerce_product_variation'].getPrice() }}
{{ product['field_accessories'][0]['#commerce_product_variation'].getSku() }}

But I need the images and url link. Based on the available methods from using kint on the product['field_accessories'][0]['#commerce_product_variation'] I tried:

{{ product['field_accessories'][0]['#commerce_product_variation'].get('field_images') }}


{{ product['field_accessories'][0]['#commerce_product_variation'].getField('field_images') }}


{{ product['field_accessories'][0]['#commerce_product_variation'].getField('images') }}

but nothing is working and all come back with null.

When I do a product['field_accessories'][1]['#commerce_product_variation'].getFields() I see the following:

field from getFields

Any ideas on how to access the field_images and url to that product's page? Thanks and let me know!

  • Ok I manager to get to the Drupal\image\Plugin\Field\FieldType\ImageItem using product.field_accessories[0]['#commerce_product_variation'].get('field_images')[0] but I can't find the URL path for the image. Mar 23 '20 at 15:11

Here is the answer that worked for me:


And I looped over the product.field_accessories to get just the first image for each product

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