I have been using Acquia BLT and config split.

I understand how to set up the config splits and deploy them using BLT.

What I don't understand is - once I have a split in place, say on dev, and I've changed the configuration on dev... how do I get that changed configuration which is only in the dev database back into version control?

Doing a cex command on the Acquia server doesn't work - I get a long list of permission denied errors (presumably because without livedev mode on, the code on the Acquia server is read only).

[warning] unlink(/mnt/www/html/xxxx/config/default/workflows.workflow.editorial.yml): Permission denied FileSystem.php:124
 [error]  The file permissions could not be set on /mnt/www/html/xxxx/config/default.

So how can I export the config from dev once I've changed it, and get it into my version control system?

Addition: I am expecting that I would have my /config/envs/{env} directory on my local containing the remote yaml config files, so that I could track changes to the split configuration across environments. But maybe this isn't true?

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