I am trying to migrate users and a few other entities from a Drupal 7 site to Drupal 8 with the built-in migration modules and Migrate Plus. I have added a database array in settings.php but something is missing to get the migrations to "see" the right database. I am getting this error.

[Mon May 11 22:22:56.025896 2020] [php7:error] [pid 6389:tid 140003403929344] [client 62419] PHP Fatal error: Method Drupal\user\Plugin\migrate\source\d7\Role::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught Drupal\migrate\Exception\RequirementsException: No database connection configured for source plugin d7_user_role in /var/www//web/core/lib/Drupal/Component/Utility/Unicode.php on line 595, referer:

I have tried adding

   key: database_key

But it did not work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Josh

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It's impossible to troubleshoot this remotely but there are a couple of things you can try to get connected to your source DB.

  1. In your group's shared_configuration.source config you can manually add a database key with the same DB setting array properties that the migration module also looks for. For example:
   key: database_key
      driver: mysql
      username: user
      password: pass
  1. Use the migrate update module to template out an initial working migration config rather than manually add your source DB. For example, run: drush migrate:upgrade --legacy-db-key database_key ....

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