I'm currently trying to migrate my Drupal 7 site, which has the Dutch language enabled, to Drupal 8. I have enabled the following modules as instructed in the docs: Configuration Translation, Content Translation, Interface Translation, Language. After running the migration, no nodes have been created on the Drupal 8 site. Moreover, the log contains lots of error messages similar to the ones underneath.

Migration d7_node_complete:webform did not meet the requirements. Missing migrations language. requirements: language.

Operation on Node complete (Webform) failed

Am I doing something wrong? How can I solve this?

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It turned out that some of the migration processes were stuck after the first attempt. Here is how I solved the problem and completed the migration of my multilingual site:

  • Download and enable the Migrate Tools module and Drush 8
  • Run drush help to verify that new migration commands such as migrate-status and migrate-import are enabled
  • Run drush migrate-status and check the migration processes; all statusses should be Idle, but in my case some were stuck on Importing
  • Use migrate-stop to stop any running processes; according to the documentation, this ''cleanly stops a running operation''
  • Use migrate-reset-status to set the status of stopped processes back to Idle; according to the documentation, this ''sets a migration status to Idle if it's gotten stuck''
  • Continue the upgrade via the web browser or Drush

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