I'm trying to get a list of objects from AWS using the S3fsService from the S3 File System module from within a hook_cron() implementation. The following code works:

// Fetch list of files in S3.
$config = \Drupal::config('s3fs.settings')->get();
$s3 = \Drupal\s3fs\S3fsService::getAmazonS3Client($config);
$iterator_args = ['Bucket' => $config['bucket']];
$iterator = $s3->getIterator('ListObjectVersions', $iterator_args);

…but I'm getting a message saying Deprecated function: Non-static method Drupal\s3fs\S3fsService::getAmazonS3Client() should not be called statically….

How should I be calling it differently?



You can access services via \Drupal::service('service.name').

You need to know the service's name to access it, though. Looking at the s3fs module, I can see in the module's s3fs.services.yml file that the class your requesting is available with the service name s3fs.

$s3fs = \Drupal::service('s3fs');
$result = $s3fs->getAmazonS3Client($config);

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