I am creating a custom block with fields:

  • field_items_to_show (items to show)
  • field_logos (images, multiple)

The site editor must have the option to set the amount of items to show in a field.

in the twig field template field_logos I need the value from field_items_to_show

<div class="logos-slide-out">
    <div class="more-less wrapper d-flex-new flex-column align-items-center">
        <div class="itemstoshow row d-flex-new">
            {% for item in items %}
            {% if loop.index == 9 %} // this value must be set from field_items_to_show
        <div class="more-content itemstohide row d-flex-new">
            {% endif %}
            <div class="item col-sm-3 mb-30">{{ item.content }}</div>
            {% endfor %}

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In a field template you find the parent entity in the variable element['#object'], from where you can get field values of other fields:

{% set field_foo_value = element['#object'].field_foo.value %}

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