I'm trying to figure out the best way to limit access to a view based on a boolean field in the user profile. If the user checks the box for that field they will have access to the view, otherwise not.

I could use views_php for the access control of the view. Would that prevent the view from getting cached with views caching?

Or should I use a hook_form_alter() to check for the value each time the profile is saved and then add or remove from a special role?


I do this on my site using Rules. I use the Data comparison condition on profile save and then add or remove the role as necessary. If you do decide to use the Rules module, make sure to add a NOT Data comparison as well to make sure the Rule doesn't get called multiple times (I had problems with this).


  • Event: After updating an existing user account
  • Condition: NOT Data Comparison: account-unchanged:field_mycheckbox is Yes
  • Condition: Data Comparison: account:field_mycheckbox is Yes
  • Action: Add a role

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