Using the Features module, I notice there is a "Views: views_view" component, when creating a feature, but I don't see any setting for that component.


I thought it would be list the views enabled in the site, but that doesn't happen, even if I have two views enabled.

What is the purpose of that component? Why isn't showing any settings?

I have tried with both the latest release candidate, and the lastest development snapshot, but the result doesn't change.

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What is the purpose of [the "Views: views_view"] component?

As you suspected, to allow views to be exported into a features module.

Why isn't showing any settings?

I do not know. One possible explanation is, that all the enabled views are provided by other modules via an implementation of hook_views_default_views(). The Features module itself exports views by writing an implementation of hook_views_default_views(), so the Views module cannot distinguish between the two versions of the view. That's why the Features module does not allow views to be exported, that are provided by other modules.

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