If you put a backslash in a title of a node I need to rewrite that title and remove the backslash wrapping the text after in tags. I'm currently doing this using multiple preprocess functions. It seems that I have to create a new preprocess function for every context that a title might appear in:

function project_preprocess_page(&vars){/*rewrite*/}
function project_preprocess_node(&vars){/*rewrite*/}
function project_preprocess_node(&vars){/*rewrite*/}
function project_preprocess_panels_pane(&$vars){/*rewrite*/}

This is working but it's frustrating (and probably inefficient) as there are so many different contexts where titles are displayed.

It seems like there should be a function where I can just override this once and not worry about it anymore. Can anyone suggest a solution?


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I'm sure hook_node_view can do it for you, but you might need to call drupal_set_title on some situations.

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