Basically I want to create a commerce site, load all the products but not give a price yet, for competitive reasons.

Instead of displaying 0 I want to:

  1. Change the price to - "Call for price"
  2. Hide add to cart button

At a later stage when I give the item a price it should:

  1. Display the price
  2. Display add to cart button

I know this is possible in Magento but would rather try using Drupal Commerce. Any tutorials or links will be appreciated.

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I guess giving the product a price is a manual process.

To make things clear I suggest adding a 'price hidden' boolen field to the product content type. Based on this field you can adjust the output of the product by implementing hook_node_view_alter.


With Display Suite you can use a drag & drop interface to hide the price and add-to-cart button by clicking on manage display for the product display content type. You can also create a code field for the call now button (if you don't want to use a custom template) by going to Structure -> Display Suite -> Fields -> Add a code field and that will then also be available on the drag & drop manage display screen.

  • I want to hide/disable price and cart. The user will request for more info if he is interested in the product. Can I do it with paragraphs module?
    – Umair
    Apr 11, 2020 at 19:03

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