I have a site where people can sell their own items, so when a user creates a new product there is a flag "request product" that is added on the content.

I want the user who created the product to be able to unflag requests from other users.

Is this possible? Thanks


You could use the Rules module as it integrates very well with the Flag module.

Check out the Flag video series by Johan Falk. Part 7 is specifically regarding Rules.

In short you're looking to generate a list of users that have flagged a node and then with built in Rules actions, unflag them.

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  • the website you mentioned is unavailable. Could you add to you answer how the Rules actions are built? Does one use "rules link" module? – milkovsky Sep 1 '16 at 9:24

You could also look at the "Flag Clear" module. This module will offer a much more straightforward approach to your problem than using a twisted Rules logic.

This module provides functionality to remove user flags for nodes and other entities.

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