I am working on views(D7) for providing JSON web services ... I am using JSON_data_document module My question is How to get the data returned from the views in ten,ten records.

Example : consider mysql query

select *  from table limit $variable,10 ;

so if $variable is 0 it gives 0 - 10 records and again when webservice is called (developer passes $variable as 11 ) it should give next ten (11 - 20) records. and so on

Is this possible in drupal using views ?

Is there any special module ?

please help !!!

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Maybe Services? Create views with pager by 10 items per page and read this article from 19 punkt - how to fetch your view.


If you append ?page=1 to your views page url you should be able to fetch records 11-20. Make sure your view has paging enabled.

I personally prefer the Views Datasource (Views JSON) module for retrieving JSON information about nodes/users through views. This approach definitely supports ?page=1 when appended to your Views Page Display (JSON Data Document) url path.


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